Here you can find out more about my areas of expertise and the sorts of services I offer.

Organisational Development


Organisational Development is all about taking a planned approach to improving your organisation’s effectiveness. It’s an essential part of forward planning; helping to align strategy, people and working practices so that you can achieve your aims. My work in this area includes:


  • Strategic planning, including stakeholder consultation, market research and strategy development

  • Developing organisational visions, values and aims

  • Facilitating organisations or teams to resolve difficulties and improve working relationships

  • Reviewing working practices to identify areas for improvement

  • Coordinating whole organisation approaches to key issues, such as fundraising

  • Reviewing organisational structures so that roles and reporting lines meet meet business needs




Governance covers all aspects of your organisation’s overall direction, effectiveness and accountability. My work in this area includes:


  • Governance reviews and advice on good practice

  • Trustee training

  • Board skills auditing and succession planning

  • Subject-specific projects such as risk management, improving accountability or board level fundraising

HR and volunteer management


Good HR and volunteer management practices are really important for you to get the most out of your people – and for staff and volunteers get the most out of their work. My work in this area includes:


  • Developing HR and volunteering strategies

  • Reviewing and developing employment and volunteering policies and practices

  • Employment advice and support, including recruitment and training, managing performance, employee engagement, succession planning, employment law, reward and recognition        

  • Managing projects on behalf of clients (e.g. recruitment campaigns, pay benchmarking)

Training and Development


Good training can be life – or at least job – changing. To be really effective, it needs both excellent content and time to explore the content, so that you can apply your learning outside the training room. My work in this area includes running The Alchemy of Leadership development programmes, with my associate and co-facilitator, Shirley Collier.  Our comprehensive six month Managment and Leadership Essentials programme is approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management and includes subject and skills based training, facilitated 360 degree feedback and 1:1 coaching for delegates, as well as supported Personal Development Planning.  We also offer a range of other training and development options, ranging from one day workshops to bespoke long-term programmes, with examples including:


  • Skills-based training (e.g. team working, difficult conversations; influencing)

  • Subject-based training (e.g. managing volunteers, train the trainer, strategic planning)

  • Trustee and board training (e.g. Trustee roles and responsibilities, managing risk)

Research and evaluation


Research, evaluation and impact assessments are invaluable for all sorts of things, from making evidence-based decisions to creating cases for funding or identify ways of doing things better. My work in this area includes:


  • Employee and volunteer engagement surveys

  • Skills audits

  • Key performance indicators for measuring the impact of people projects (e.g. volunteer programmes)

  • Evaluating training, education or support programmes at organisational, regional or national levels

  • Subject specific market research (e.g. pay benchmarking, volunteering trends)

  • Staff, volunteer and stakeholder consultation

With the 2015 Emerging Leaders Programme participants and co-trainer Shirley Collier

Facilitation and training with the Museum Development North West Emerging Leaders Programme

Alchemy Consulting: Alex Lindley training Alchemy Consulting: Alex Lindley, leadership training programme

Research and reports

Alchemy Consulting: Alex Lindley reports and research

Working with associates


I have a strong network of associates that I work with, so I can bring together a team to suit a range of projects, whatever the scope or size. For projects requiring multiple areas of expertise, or for multi-organisation projects, I work with associates with expertise in key areas of charitable and cultural activity, such as education,  heritage interpretation, change management, audience development and fundraising.  Shirley Collier also works with me regularly to deliver The Alchemy of Leadership training programmes.  You can find out more about some of my associates from their own websites:  


Shirley Collier

Will Watts (Hidden Horizons)